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    Smoking Tuna
Mezes News Bites from Greece

Ta Mylelia Water Mill, a boutique company located on the island of Lesvos, is now offering a unique and all natural product made from smoked tuna, flat leaf parsley and arugula. Versatile, it may be spread on bread, tossed with pasta or mixed with greens.
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    Crazy Ketchup
Mezes News Bites from Greece

Strange things grow on the volcanic island of Santorini. One of the strangest – in a good way – is the Santorini tomato. Though it looks like a cherry tomato, it actually belongs to a different species.
It comes in two varieties: fluted and non-fluted. Both are a deep red and neither requires watering. But what makes them really stand out is the fact that this species has more vitamin C and more soluble phenols than other tomato variety, plus more lycopene than any other known fruit or vegetable. Lycopene is a highly effective anti-oxidant, offering twice the antioxidant activity of beta-carotene and ten times that of Vitamin E. In other words, it’s a cancer preventative. And it only grows on Santorini. Anydro is now cultivating these tomatoes organically and processing them into a slow- cooked, complex, super-concentrated tomato paste.
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    Table Olive (Oil)
Mezes News Bites from Greece

Minerva has launched a line of Greek olive oils packaged in attractive cylindrical tins of 750 ml. Designed to be an addition to the dining table, the range includes an extra virgin oil from the ‘Koroneiki’ variety of olives, a PDO extra virgin oil from the region of Kalamata and an organic extra virgin oil.
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    Artisan Hunters
Mezes News Bites from Greece

Mediterranean Diet S.A. locates, selects and promotes special food products from all over Greece – traditional products that are created by Greek cottage industries or agrarian cooperatives. These use only authentic Greek raw materials, without the use of chemical preservatives. This summer, the company launched four new products: Aubergine Pesto, made from eggplant, green olive paste and Feta; Sun-Dried Tomato Paste; a line of natural honey and, the most unusual, Green Olives with Kritamo (Sea Fennel) and Sweet Red Pepper.
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    Grill Cheese
Mezes News Bites from Greece Mediterranean Brands S.A. has expanded its Gourmante range of food and wine products to include a traditional Halloumi Cheese. This cheese is made in Cyprus from 100% goat’s milk and is especially lovely when grilled on a skillet. The Gourmante range of food and wines includes 40 different products like P.D.O. Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, P.D.O. Kalamata Olives and P.D.O. Feta Cheese. The products are distributed in more than 15 countries.
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